Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pupa Big Puposka Makeup Set

I was so tickle when I saw this makeup set during my shopping at Hereen "ALT" ground floor! It really remind me of the art pieces Matryoshka dolls when my trip to Europe some years ago. This is a variation of sweet pinks and lilacs in the palette, this ultra adorable makeup set ups the cuteness level even more by incorporating Matryoshka dolls into your makeup collection. With a slight tweak to the traditional nesting dolls concept, the Big Puposka makeup set has highly pigmented and totally wearable colors resting inside it, making it a delightful addition to any vanity table.
3x Blusher, 2x Compact Face Powder,. 2x Bronzing Powder, 3x Cream,. 18x Eye Shadow, 1x Mascara,. 1x Eye Pencil, 1x Lip Pencil,. 8x Cream Lipstick, 8x Glitter-Packed Lip Gloss,. 5x Eyeshadow Applicator. Pack Size - 64g/2.26oz

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