Sunday, October 31, 2010

Do you touch your face too much?

I do notice lots of people have the bad habit of touch their face! Even me myself do some times! :P
"Touching your face" can also mean "working away at" blemishes. Squeezing blemishes makes things worse, so this type of "touching your face" isn't good. Picking at blemishes in general is not good, an, again, there is the matter of introducing bacteria.There’s a reason why your parents told you to wash your hands before dinner. Our hands do so much work for us throughout the day that we’re constantly picking up bacteria without even realizing it.
If you’re like me and have this face touching habit, then what you can do is just touch your face less.
And if you really do need to scratch and itch, or touch your face for whatever reason, use the back of your hand which contains significantly less bacteria.
No longer touching your face with the palm of your hand will not cure your acne, but it is a piece of the holistic puzzle for your acne cure that will make a significant difference if you touch your face a lot.
By removing all toxins and bacteria from the outside-in, then you’re preventing a bunch of new pimples from ever forming.

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