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Burberry makeup will be in Singapore early Jan 2011

Yipee!!! Burberry makeup going to launch in Singapore early Jan 2011! They'll have their counter at "Tangs" Orchard.
Was invited for the press launch on 28 Oct2010. I really love their packaging & beside the great smooth textures! Sophisticated, subtle, easy to wear and relaxed, it’s about “dishevelled elegance translated into beauty and makeup,” explains the designer via press video. Gorgeous in its distinctly Burberry packaging, detailing and textures, this is a comprehensive collection for women rather than makeup artists. You won’t find outrageous shades or newfangled, complicated concepts here. The palette is varied, but neutral, “every shade and every tone of nude and trench and natural colours plus storm-inspired shades of grey, blue and purple. An edited selection of lip liners co-ordinates easily with lipsticks in the same colour family; beautiful glosses too!
Check out their online video:

Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation
Burberry Luminous Fluid Foundation gives the skin a natural fresh looking radiance. The lightweight formula allows optimum light diffiusion achieving a look of natural luminosity. The fluid foundation hydrates the skin whilst providing long lasting coverage.

Sheer Foundation
Burberry Luminous Compact Foundation gives the skin a flawless, natural glow. The lightweight formula blends effortlessly and contains orange derivatives to refine the grain of the skin, leaving it looking fresh and feeling smooth and supple. The innovative formula helps to minimise shine resulting in a pure matte complexion. For a sheer, natural look apply with the sponge and for maximum coverage and a velvet finish, apply with a damp sponge.

Sheer Powder
Available in : Porcelain 01 & 02

Sheer Eye Shadow
Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow comes in twenty beautiful shades from iconic trench to smokey metal. The shadows can be blended to create an infinity of eye enhancing colours. The innovative formula uses silicones for smooth and flawless application and contains micronised satin smooth pigments to ensure long-lasting colour fidelity. The cooler shades catch the light enhancing the natural radiance of the eyes and the dark shades hollow, to give depth.
Available in: White, Porcelain, Golden Ochre, Chestnut, Almond, Taupe Brown, Khaki, Rosewood, Antique Rose, Tea Rose, Rose, Lavender Blue, Lavender, Slate Blue, Pearl Blue, Grey, Black, Plum, Midnight Blue

Effortless Mascara
This versatile mascara provides effortless volume and beautiful coverage for all looks from the most natural to the most sophisticated. Burberry Volumising Lash Enhancer contains marine plant glycogen that accelerates fibre growth and strengthens the lashes, whilst providing effortless definition. A protective film forms on the surface of the lash and shields against humidity, rain and heat.

Eye Definer
Burberry have created five Eye Shaping Pencils that work with your natural eye colour to enhance and intensify. Formulated using natural conditioning waxes and emollient oils, Burberry Eye Definer glides on effortlessly to highlight the eye colour and shape. Water resistant and long-wearing.
Available in: Black, Brown, Ash Brown, Midnight Blue, Plum

Lip Cover
Burberry Soft Satin Lipsticks add a touch of luminosity and radiance. The lightweight combination of nourishing oils and gel dispersed pigment ensures intense moisture and long lasting colour fidelity. Burberry Soft Satin Lipstick contains anti-aging ceramides for fuller lip definition. For a understated but striking look apply like a normal lipstick. For a more effortless natural beauty, apply to the finger and press into the lips.
Available in: Nude Beige, Cameo, Cameo Pink, Rosewood, Heather Pink, Nutmeg, Tea Rose, Blush, Rose, Antique Rose, Sepia, Heather, Purple, Plum, Claret, Union Red, Ruby Red, Brick Red, Hibiscus, Burgundy

Lip Glow
This light reflecting Natural Lip Gloss adds a hint of colour for a fresh and moisturised glow that enhances the lips natural radiance. The formula uses nourishing oils and ceramides that leave the lips hydrated, supple and naturally plumped. Apply with the applicator directly to the lips, or on top of a Burberry Soft Satin Lipstick.
Available in: Rosewood, Heather, Sepia, Blush, Tea Rose, Cameo Pink, Cameo, Nude Beige, Nutmeg, Rose, Mocha

Lip Definer
Burberry soft and smooth Lip Shaping Pencil adds natural definition to the lips, enhancing the shape and colour. Formulated using natural nourishing oils and amino acid derivatives, the pencil adds firmness to the lip contour and smoothes fine lines. Natural colours compliment the Soft Satin Lipstick range for an even, immaculate finish. Outline the lips before lipstick application to for a precise lip line. Part of the Burberry Lips collection.
Available in: Nude Beige, Rose, Sepia, Bright Plum, Brick Red, Nutmeg

Was given some of their makeup to try out & I must say that “Luxasia” is really so nice to give out almost the whole range of products include a nice burberry satchel! Love them all! Thank you very much “Luxasia”.

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This is great. I am very interested to test out their eye shadows that so many people raves about!

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