Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mysteries hair products

Have just received a box of products which include shampoo, Conditioner & hair treatment without the brand's name from a friend. She wanted me to try out & review about the hair products to see if's any good! So far I've just tried the shampoo & conditioner. To my surprise I love it very much!The shampoo smell good & plus the conditioner really make my ill treated hair(lots of coloring,blow drying,crimping) feel soft & smooth again like baby's hair! I've yet to try the hair treatment & have been asking this friend of mine what brand is it???? She told me to try the hair treatment than will let me know soon.
I've tried many different brands of hair products but have been switching as I still can't really find one that really get rid of my hair problem, but i really love this! Must try out the hair treatment soon & find out what's the brand & will share with you!

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