Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fancl Limited Edition "Ballet Dance" Mild cleansing oil

After making waves with its inspired ‘Hula Dance’ Facial Washing Powder, FANCL now unveils ‘Ballet Dance’ Mild Cleansing Oil, the eagerly-anticipated second design in its much lauded ‘Dance’ series.
Really love this product! I have tried many different kind of makeup remover and found cleansing oil is most effective in removing waterproof makeups. Among all the cleaning oil Shu umera, DHC, Fancl is one of my favorite! FANCL’s preservative-free Mild Cleansing Oil – both a beauty staple and lifesaver that’s suitable for all skin types. Completely removing tough, long-lasting makeup like foundation, mascara and lip colour with thorough precision, it gently and effectively leaves skin with improved clarity and smoothness.
The FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil is created based on the unique philosophy of MUTENKA (無添加) that defines FANCL’s entire skin care line as fresh, pure and safe. MUTENKA advocates a lifestyle that is pared down to the essentials, free of preservatives and stressful elements. Central to FANCL’s preservative-free tenet, MUTENKA ensures the use of only gentle yet effective beauty agents that actively boost the health and natural beauty of skin. With its potent yet soothing formulation, FANCL’s Mild Cleansing Oil leverages on the power of MUTENKA to put you on the path to flawless, glowing skin.FANCL Limited Edition Ballet Dance Collection Mild Cleansing Oil retails at $33 for 120ml at all FANCL outlets.

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Robin said...

That's spiffy neat! This is the only post i don't wanna know what's the makeup use hahaha

kidding :P
very creative and striking. surely can't miss them in a crowd

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