Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Little Round Pot eyeshadow

This is the brand that's my all time favorite since the day I started doing makeup. Recently they've just re-launch their eyeshadow!
Bourjois has used the revolutionary “baked technology” since 1863 to give its eye shadows an ultra soft, light and easy-to-blend formula that allows you to apply the colour as much as you want for a luminous result.
It’s already been 150 years since they have enchanted women’s lives, filling their hearts with joie de vivre! Little round pots are back with a make-over in 2010 for your eyes only!
New silkier formula, new hot shades!
7 must-have shades for any occasion : #08, #90, #06, #07, #14, #54, #74.

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