Friday, May 15, 2009

About sleepy single eye lid makeup

Someone was asking me about how to do correction on sleepy/single eye lid makeup!
This's from my step-by-step makeup book "Starlicious"in 2005.


Rowena said...

Thats a really good tip! How do we buy your book if we are in the UK?

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Thanks Rowena!
I'm afraid you won't be able to get them any more as it've been sold out & the publication company have stop printing them(guess they're not interested any more). So sorry to disappoint you!

K said...

I happened to see one of your books a few months ago in Popular bookstore, but it's in Chinese so I kinda had problems trying to figure out the steps although there were pictures here and there. :( I'm living in Singapore currently, and I'd like to ask if you have any extra copies of your book in English version cos I'm really interested in getting your book! Thankyou! :)

K said...

Oh yes btw is it convenient for you to post on your blog how to do the smokey eyes effect that's not too over-exaggerating? I've tried to google online for tutorials but I realised that the 'end result' isn't quite suitable for Asians' skin complexion. Thanks so much & much appreciated!! =)

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi K

So sorry, my makeup book in english have sold out & the publisher have stop prouduction. Sorry!
As for smokey eyes step-by-step pls refer to my older post :

Kang siok hwa said...

Hello Andy,

Was searching for this topic and chance upon your advice. Cool!
Actually, at age 33 yrs ago, I have never do eye makeup because I have inner double eyelid and extremely short eyelashes. When I try to draw eyeliner that can be seen when my eyes are open, it looks too dramatic when i shut my eyes. The problem get worst when I put on eye shadows; not sure is it the way my eyes open & shut, very soon there will be smugs on my lower eye lids and it look terrible. I do not wish to put on stickers for double eyelids or fake eyelashes as I wish to create natural and causal makeup effects. Do you have any advice for me? I really wish to be equipped w eye make up skill for myself, wondering if you conduct make-up lessons too?

Kang Siok Hwa

soonBee said...

i know this a very old post but im just starting to learn how to do my make up (hence i come across this site). my eyes are small with single eye lid and i want them to look bigger.

Mind answering some Qs? how do you justify that the liner is obvious but not overdrawn? i've tried a few times but i always felt like either a) overdrawn b) not enough c) too long at the end.Have you got any tips on this?

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