Monday, May 25, 2009

Obagi Triple Peel 10 from Japan.

Have bought this skin peeling lotion from my last trip to Japan. After been using for two weeks I find it quite effective & skin feel so much softer & smoother!
Obagi Triple peel 10 was developed with two design policies and one device.
(1)The acid of 3 kinds * it combines, supporting the function of turn over
The skin (horny layer) the acid of 3 kinds which to work deeply effectively from the surface * adopting the chestnut star ring smooth prescription which balance well combines with the [obaji] individual device.
It alleviates the whole keratin, removing the egesta the old keratin and excessive sebum, and the like supporting the function of turn over. The skin original transparent impression is pulled out to the extent which you use, it seems like the baby, it is soft portly, you arrange on the smooth skin.
* Acid = phytin acid lactic acid glycol acid of 3 types < keratin soft component >

(2)With plant extract combination of 5 types, to the skin which is full in the moisture
Mixture of plant extract (heeling moisture complex *) combination. It leads to the smooth skin which from inside is full in the moisture, prevents the rough skin.
Mixture of plant extract of *5 type (integral Jun component): [otogirisou] comfrey leaf extract [meriaazajirakuta] leaf extract [huyubodaijiyu] flower extract [ringoekisu]

(3)Fragrance of refreshing heeling citrus

At each time it is care after the washing the face, it was born and, it represented the refreshment impression of keeping being prepared on the kind of skin which changes, the fragrance of the refreshing heeling citrus was adopted.


Anonymous said...

Hi there Andy,
sorry to leave a comment that is not related to your article here..

I'd like to ask you when is the correct step to put on a mask..It's before toner or after toner?

And when to apply sunscreen?before moisturizer or after moisturizer?coz i have read different steps of skin care regimen...kinda confuse by it...
Thank you

felicia said...

hey andy,

have u tried fancl collagen drinks before?

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

I have a couple of questions in mind and would like your help in.

1) I noticed that there are many types and brands of BB cream? Which do you recommend and where can I buy them from? Also, I read that BB cream does not come in different shades, so how does it match our skin tone?

2) I need a good mascara that can work on VOLUME instead of LENGTH. Which would u recommend again?

3) How can I get rid of blackheads effectively without drying the skin? I have tried using essence and mask that are designed for T-zone but i realised that the skin on my nose starts to peel afterwhich.

Thanks for your help!!


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Felicia

Sorry I've not tried Fancl Collagen drinks yet.

Hi Kay
(1) Yes! There's quite a lot of bb cream out there, they're more or less the same, as for the shades it will blend in everyone skin tone as long as your skin are not too dark.
(2)Mascara with great volume - you can try Revlon Extreme 3D Mascara.
(3)It'll takes some times to get rids of balckhead, the essnce & mask that make your nose start to peel is because it's working! When it started to peel of day by day than the blackhead will slowly come off!

Vivien said...

Hi Andy !

How are you ?! Don't know whether you still remember me ? I'm Vivien, we went together to the maldives for a photoshoot for HerWorld magazine some 10yrs ago :)
I would need your professional advice :) I'm thinking of getting a bbcream. Could you recommend me which one to get ? I have sensitive combination skin. My concerns are more on uneven skin tone, skin dullness and skin aging.

Thanks and best regards !

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Vivien

Long time no see! :)
For BB cream, best to try those Korean brands, The Skin food have quite good BB cream.

Patricia said...

Hello Andy,
I am currently working in Okinawa. A good friend of mine has asked me to buy Obagi Triple Peel 10 for her since it has done wonders for her skin. Do you know of a retail store in Okinawa that carries it? I am not very familiar with the stores here. Thank you so much for your time.

Sincerely, Patricia

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Patricia

I bought this product at "Tokyu Hands" in Tokyo. I've not been to Okinawa, hence not so sure if there's "Tokyu Hands"departmental store? Maybe you can try out some bigger drugs/beauty stores???

mille said...

Hi Andy,, i like to ask u about the triple peel 10 essence,, how to use itu,, in the morning and in the night? Or Only in the morning,, i went to japan too last month,, and i bought obagi brighten essence too ,, so i use it in night,, so can use the triple in the morning? I so confuse... TKs

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