Thursday, May 21, 2009

How to used eye tape for hidden double eye lid.

Someone have been asking me on how to used eye tape to re-create those hidden double eye lids. Do remember only people with hidden double eye lids can only be done this way.

Before eye tape


Anonymous said...

Hi thanks alot for this post and on teaching how to put on makeup for single eyelids, it's greatly appreciated! I hope you will continue to teach more of us girls with single eyelids on the makeup tips. :)
Anyway I think you did the makeup for Michelle Chia's wedding? She looked fabulous during her wedding!

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Thank you for your support but sorry I didn't do Ms Michelle Chia's makeup for her wedding, anyway thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

Do u have any recommendation for fine lines under the eye :(


Vivian Teo said...

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Can I know more about natural makeup as the link seen like already expired? I would like to try natural makeup since my skin belongs to sensitive type and there are only few branded product suitable for me. Now, I still on the way finding other foundation suite for me except for the Clinique foundation because I am on the way using and now I want to try other brand.
How about double eyelids? They always say people who have double eyelid are the easiest to makeup. Since I still a new learner for makeup, so I am not so familiar with makeup tip. Can teach me how to do makeup for double eyelid?

Thank you ^^

Anonymous said...

Do we put the tape before or after eye makeup? And would eye makeup still adhere well with the tape there? Thanks!


Its Just Me said...

I love the article! But where can i find those eyetape in Singapore?

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

you can get this eye tape at SaSa or some Watson stores.

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