Saturday, May 16, 2009

Spinlash mascara!

Watch the demo on this link on youtube
Found this "SpinLash" Mascara when I'm in Japan. Gentle rotates 360 degree,gentle motion of the rotating brush separtes lashes while it coats,lengthens & volumizes.


Anonymous said...

hi..Tasha here
i'm definitely going to get this mascara =) thanks for posting it!

however,i wanna ask if you could recommend me a sunblock lotion. went to watson and there were quite a few,felt a bit lost-from neutrogena to Mentholatum. i'm going for holiday at a resort,so i would be under the sun for some time. maybe something you've tried before and my skin can be a quite sensitive. looking forward to ur reply. =D

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Tasha

Thanks for your interest!
For sun block I personally love Shiseido Anessa SPF50++, it's the best so far I've tried!

Ron said...

Hi Andy
I like your comment about your motive on blogging and why u r not accepting anonymous writers. very nice to the ear, very humble, very professional. always wanted to know who u r. the artiste always mention yr name at SA..u look a bit like xie shao guang leh..cheers!!

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Ron

Thanks for your support!
The reason for not replying anonymous as I believe everyone have a name,& if's they're keen to ask me some question I'll like to say "Hi" to them rather than "To anonymous" right? Anyway thanks for reading my blog. Have a great day! :)

Anonymous said...

thank you for replying...i'll go check it out :D
have a great day ahead..tanks again

Tasha :)

Anonymous said...

hi andy,

im bb. wld like to ask u hv u used costme decorte moisture liposome before? is it gd for oily skin?

btw, is kose or SKII better?

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...


Yes! I 've tried costme decorte moisture liposome. Love it, a bit expensive but great product! It's for normal to ageing skin but is not too oily. I suppose is ok for oily skin without pimples.

I love Kose's makeup and SKII's skin care. I suppose is more on what you're looking for?

sandra said...

Hi Andy,

Which Anessa are you referring to? Is it the Perfect UV or Perfect Smooth?

Also, I don't seem to see it at the Shiseido counters. Where else is it available in Singapore?

Thanks! Love the blog!

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Sandra

Is Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV sunscreen SPF50+PA+++, They come in gold or silver packaging! The gold one is better for sporty people as it's water proof, the silver one for normal daily used. You need to ask the sales girl as some time they maybe sold out!

Anonymous said...

Hi andy,

i ever used SKII 'miracle water' but after finishing 1 whole bottle i still see no effect leh. is it not suitable for me??? lately i kept hearing pple raving abt it again (including my mom), shld i give it a try again or shld i try kose? im looking for smthing which i can apply after facewash and before other pdts. something like toner?

btw, hv u used guerlain parure pearly white brightening fluid foundation before? is it really gd for oily skin?


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...


I'm using SKII Facial Treatment Essence, I found it great for hydrating yet non oily but some of my client don't like the smell of pitera.
As for Kose - I've tried Seikisei range which is great for whitening. So you've to decide what you're looking for?
I've not try guerlain parure pearly white brightening fluid foundation so far, so not sure is it any good for oily skin.

yeunwen said...

hi, this is crystal!
I just wanna know why after curling my lashes, though it will be curled up, but right after i apply mascara it falls back down again everytime??

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