Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mysteries hair products revealed!

Remember I've received this set of mysteries hair products last month? The answer finally revealed! It was "Pantene Total Care"! I'm really happy with this range of hair products as it really help to save my bad hair problem!
As I mention I damage my hair quite often due to daily crimping, blow dry plus monthly coloring some time bleaching!!! So I have sensitive, itchy & oily scalp. Also the dryness of hair texture!
After two weeks of using this mysteries hair products, my hair become soft & smooth. Even my hair stylist who've bleach my hair couldn't believe what I've used to treat my hair!!!
Pantene’s Total Care regimen is your one solution to 7 signs of hair damage. Offering protection against the day_to_day damage inflicted on your hair, it protects your hair against split ends, dryness, roughness, dullness, weakness, brittleness and tangles, leaving your hair moisturized, stronger and visibly less damaged within 14 days. Laboratory tests demonstrate a significant reduction of visible split ends – up to 10 times less split ends within 14 days - with regimen use, compared to using a non-conditioning shampoo.
STEP 1: Designed to provide the healthy foundation for your hair, Pantene Total Care Shampoo gently removes impurities from both the hair and scalp.

STEP 2: After shampooing, apply Pantene Total Care Replenishing Conditioner which moisturizes and protects your cuticles to visibly reduce the 7 signs of hair damage. Use this after each wash for continuous protection against the 7 signs.

STEP 3: Recommended for weekly use, Pantene Total Care Deep Hydrating Treatment provides an additional boost for dry, damaged hair. Use this after your regular conditioner for an extra boost of protection for your hair.

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