Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ann Kok's makeup for 2011 Star Awards

Was so happy to see my dear friend Ms Ann Kok finally back in Top 10! I did most of her makeup almost every year of star awards. This time she was a bit tan due to her filming in Malaysia but I really love to create a more sophisticated look for this year.

Cosme Decorte AQ Make Up Base SPF18 PA+ , #02 Smooth (green color): creates a silky smooth surface
Makeup base that helps even out skin tone and texture for a refined complexion. Leaves skin comfortably moisturized and extends makeup wear.

As Ann already have such great skin so I skip using foundation instead on apply a bit of concealer under her eyes from cle de peau BEAUTE -Ocher.

Set her base makeup by using Palgantong loose powder.

For her eye makeup - Using eye shadow palette 93 Rue de Passy from Guerlain.
I apply (1) a dark grey almost near black color along her lash line.
Add on (2) a dark brown near the end of the eye lid towards the eye socket area to create a deeper shade.
Using (3) a medium earth brown over the whole eye socket.
Add (4) a shimmering light pink at the inner corner of her eyes as well as eyebrow area.
Used (5) a slight shimmer greyish brown along her lower lash line.
I mix (6) brown color with a bit of (1) for her eye brows.

Apply MAC Fluideline-Blacktrack to define her eye line.

Brush on a Volume Mascara from Dramatic

To give her a more glowing radiance skin tone I brush on Mac mineralize vegas on her cheek instead of blusher color!

Apply Chanel Levres Scintillantes Glossimer - Pleasing(a rich bronze)


Linda said...

Many thanks for sharing the make-up tips....they are really useful and I'm sure not many make-up artists would be willing to do so.

Robin said...

Hey Andy
thanks so much for sharing your makeup used on the star awards artist, the biggest show in singapore hehe, it's really enlightening to know what they use under your master hands, something i always google for backstage makeup, TCS makeup etc but these information are not easily known; but you are kind and generous to share with your faithful readers here :) thanks so much , i have been reading your update quietly. thought i should pop up and say Hi and Thanks, Andy! :)

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Thanks Linda & Robin! Take care! :)

sweetjan79 said...

Hey Andy,
thanks so much for sharing the details of your work :) they look fabulous on screen and now we know why :)

just wonder if you know what makeup product does Jeanette Aw and Fann wong use ? their makeup looks perfect, flawless and radiant too and really really keen to know. thanks so much and appreciated Andy! :)

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi sweetjan79

So sorry, I didn't do their makeup during star awards 2011 so really have no idea what makeup have been used? Sorry!

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