Saturday, April 30, 2011

Transderma C

Have just received a sample tester from a great friend to try out this Vitamin C serum from Japan months ago.
I feel that's a bit oily when I first try it on my hand but after I used it on my face it wasn't so bad at all! In fact I would say is quite good instead! It really helps to lighten & even out my uneven skin tone after nearly two weeks of usage. The best thing of it is that this Vitamin C serum is not as irritating as those that I've used before, which gives me the biting sensation. Heard that Tranderma C serum is now the best selling in Japan,Korea & even Taiwan!
Just hope that Singapore will be launching this soon!


waiwai3142 said...


Now I'm staying in USA then so how can I order and how much does it cost, I'm actually interested in Vitamin C serum.
My email is ""
Thank you

waiwai3142 said...

How can I order? right now i'm in USA and how much does it cost? I'm interested in vitamin C and my friend staying in NORWAY she's interested in Vitamin C and she also wants too.

Best Regards,

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