Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pan Ling Ling's makeup for 2011 Star awards

I'm glad that I did Ms Pan Ling Ling's makeup for Star Awards 2011! She look great with the retro looking outfit!
I started by using cle de peau BEAUTE Smoothing base for lines(Base de tendre)

Foundation from cle de peau BEAUTE Refining Fluid Foundation #010

For her eyes I only used Eye Color Contrast #06 from Ipsa. I apply the pearl white (a very beautiful shimmer white)over her whole eye lid.

Using K-palette waterproof liquid liner to create the 50's retro eye line.

I've also added false eye lashes from Ardell False Eyelashes - InvisiBands Wispies

I added volume mascara from Dramatic to the lashes in gives a much natural effect

To give her a radiance cheek I apply Bella Bamba from Benefit on her cheek

Finished her look by using MAC Viva Glam Cyndi with a rosey undertone.


Jie Jie said...

Absolutely gorgeous:) I'm happy that she won the best supporting actress, thanks Andy for sharing:)

Robin said...

Hey Andy again, you made all the TCS actress glowing with radiance that night. i especially keen to know Pan Ling ling, Ann Kok makeup and curious who done their makeup and i am so happy to know you are the creator! :) what's make it so great is you share your makeup used, i am Cle de peau is the way to go,of course, coupled with your excellent makeup blending skills hehe :)

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Thanks Jiejie & Robin for your support! :)

Huei Wen said...

Hi Andy!
May I know where I can buy Ardell lashes n dramatic long mascara in Singapore?

Many thanks!

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Huei Wen

You can find them at most some of the Sasa stores and Stardust-John little.

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