Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wash off Yogurt mask pack from The Face Shop

Saw this interesting products on "The Face Shop" website!
I've tried using a plain yogurt (those that you can get from supermarket) to apply on clean face & love the effect! Have not try this "Wash Off Yogurt mask pack", not sure is it any good? Have anyone try this products so far?


Cheris Lim said...


hi, i tired their yogurt mask before... Not really like that as it not soo obvious after washing off..

I love their mask sheet cost 3 for 12 bucks.. especially the Mung Bean and the Rice.. Mung Bean help to clear the blemishes and Rice is good for hydrating...

And i highly recommend the white tree (brighting mask) is really good.. result is visible...

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Thank you very much Cheris for the great information! :)

Wilber's Fan said...

hi andy,

many ppl say the more u rid the oil/sebum on ur face the more it'll create even more oil/sebum.

in tt case, shld i still bother to use facial/makeup products tt control oiliness?

they oso say tt usually oiliness is caused by dryness on the inside. then do i belong to oily or dry skin or combination? so confusing!


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Wilber's Fan

No matter what skin type you are still need to cleanse the skin daily! Is just like everyone need to shower everyday, only whether you're using the suitable cleanser for your skin. In order to find out what's your skin type? You can take a look at this link below:

Wilber's Fan said...

hi andy, i tried the first test in the first link u gave:

the paper only stick to my nose but not the other areas.

so does tt means ive dry skin except nose area?

ive enlarged pores. but my friend with dry skin type oso has enlarged pores.

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

I think your skin is dry to combination, most people even if they've dry skin but due to our humid weather we all will have large pore at some area, mostly nose or T-zone area.
I also have the same problem due to hot humid weather & always in & out of air-con places, so the skin become oily yet dry(as in dehydration) at some area. Thus we still need to cleanse but using moisturizer without oil base- those gel type.

Wilber's Fan said...


Joanna said...


I tried using the Kiwi mask and it gave me pimples instead.therefore i think their yogurt mask is not that good.

i prefer skin food's tub mask instead!

Andy, recently the skin under my eyes(eye bags area) have visible winkles. i'm not sure what causes the problem. be it stretching while wearing contact lenses or daily application of concealer.

do u have any recommemdations of eye cream which can solve my problem?


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Joanna

I'll prefer to use sheet eye mask instead of eye cream, cos I get oil seeds after using eye cream & if using eye gel also don't really give a better result.
SK-II eye mask & Shiseido Revital Wrinklelift Retino Science AA are quite good.

winny said...

Hi Andy,
i have tried both SK-II and Shiseido masks...i prefer Shiseido.

SK-II makes my wrinkles deeper wor. Everytime I use, my bf will ask me why my lines so obvious the next day. :(

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