Thursday, October 1, 2009

L'Oréal Paris True Match Roll'on Foundation

Was shopping with my mom in London "Boots" & she bought this foundation.
Surprisingly good, I wasn't expecting much, thinking it was going to be one of those products that is built up on hype and then lets you down. Not this one though - coverage is good, it's fun to put on and lasts. Only down side, it is quite difficult to apply around the eyes, but once you get the trick its fine. Price at £12.71


YOLANDA C said...

hi Andy,

Your blog is great! I am your fans.

Recently i really need your advice. These days my face(near lips,beside and under) get a lot of pimples. Some of them even leave red "scar".I once went to Watson's, the saleswoman recommended the RoC Dermatologic to me.But i have never used this brand, having no idea if it'll work.

My skin is combination type, T zone is really oily(btw i am 20). A week ago, i start to use Clinique Three Steps.~What should i use after the three steps?

So, could recommend some good product to me? These pimples are really annoying~~

many thank u :)

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Yolanda C

Thanks for your support!
Regarding your pimples problem is best to seek skin doctor advice to find out what's the cause & they should be able to treat your skin problem. Here's a link you can go take a look!
A client of mine used to go to Dr Toby Hui Seng Yin under Wen & Weng Medical Group. Heard he's quite good.
Best to let the aesthetician check/treat your skin rather than just get any products to treat yourself as pimples/acne problem can become worst.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy

This foundation looks really cool! Hope they will offer it in Singapore :)

I'm looking for a moisturizer. Any good ones to recommend? I read from a magazine that Serums are good too. I'm 23 this year with normal skin but can get quite irritated if the product is not suitable. Also, I'm looking for an eye cream but I have no clue what to look out for. Please advise :)

You can 'see' my complexion here

Thank you in advance :)


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Cherie

The basic skin care routine are :
Cleanse, tone, moisture & sun block. Serum are a better effective skin care product to treat mostly dehydrating/aging problem which most women now day are facing, hence the result are better but usually not cheap in price. So it all depend on what you're looking for? You can decide most skin care brands moisturizer since you've normal skin type but base on what you're targeting. For eye cream "Lar Mer - the eye concentrate" is good but expensive!

笔名:未来雪 said...

My dream ideal foundation would be one that is a thin sheet like a mask which you can place and stretch over the entire face, and then it will melt and hug the face perfectly... I wonder if this will ever come true! :)

winny said...

hi Andy,

the roll'on looks really convenient and won't dirty the hands. Kekeke..

Oh yes i would like to ask you...
you have recommended both bb cream and make up base in your previous entries. Which is actually better?


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Winny

BB cream is more like a tinted moisturizer with light coverage & makeup base is a primer.
It all depend on what you prefer the result?
I personally still prefer to use makeup base follow by foundation but some of my friends/clients like the no fuss step of BB cream.

winny said...

hey andy!!
Thanks thanks!

I also like to apply make up base than BB cream because i feel BB cream feels abit thick!!


chee001sg said...

Hi Andy

You offered great tips in your blog & I noted you often respond to comments & queries. I like that.

I need you advice on care for the skin around the eyes. Presently I'm use Olay total effect to moisturize my face. Nothing special for the skin around the eyes.

Any recommendations?

I tried Olay eye gel some years back, it does not seem to suit me as my eyes started to itch & tears after application (on daily basis)

Thanks in advance & keep the good work up :)

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Chee001sg

I'm not a great fans of eye treatment products as I do get oil seeds after using such product, but I've tried "La Mer- eye concentrate"which I find quite good but if I'm not wrong it cost about $200 over for a small bottle. The other one will be eye mask from SK-II & Shiseido Revital Wrinklelift Retino Science AA.

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