Wednesday, October 28, 2009

M.A.C Select Cover-Up

Recently someone have been asking me about which concealer's best to cover up under eyes dark circle. This is one of the product I've tried which I find it quite good but it's a little hard to blend in and may look cakey if it is not blended properly. The way I do it is to apply bit by bit with dabbing motion. Good thing about this is,there is a wide range of shades available.

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Mary in Wonder said...

I have serious dark circles and the MAC stylist used Studio Finish concealer on me (a bit darker than the foundation, so the darkness wouldn'T stand out even more). She mixed it with the hydrating Sculpt foundation, saying the concealer is thick and hard to blend. It was perfect when I left the store, but it streaked on me (like creased eyeshadow)!!! And I walked around the mall without realizing it!!! When I went back to MAC to buy more things and looked into the mirror I freaked out! The SA didn't even warned me that there's something wrong! Thank God I checked in the mirror!
I'm so not gonna buy this concealer (or any other MAC) again >_>
Sorry for ranting on you, but I'm still angry.
Also, I found dabbing with fingertips the best way to avoid serious piling up.

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