Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to create long lashes & make the eyes look brighter.

Saw this in a Japanese beauty magazine "VOCE" Nov issue 2009. I think it maybe interesting to gals who like to know a bit more on how to use eye lash curler & mascara in a much more detail way!
(1)Put the eye lash curler close to the root of your lashes.
(2)Press firmly but gently tilt up.
(3)Do the same for the inner corner of your lashes.
(4)Don't forget to curl the outer corner of your lashes as well.
(5)Apply mascara by using the comb designed application from Majorica Majoca(selling at Watson), start from the root of your lashes.
(6)Use a clean lash comb to brush through as to separate the lashes in case the stick together.
(7)Use a battery operated eye lash heater to slightly hold up the upper lashes.
(8)Using the same eye lash heater to press down the lower lashes, this will also help to kind of make the eye look wide open.
(9)Use a volumizing type of mascara to re-apply the lashes again by a Z motion.
(10)Using the tip of the mascara brush to brush out every single lashes.
(11)Not forgetting the lower lashes as well.
(12)Using the comb design type of mascara to brush through again starting from the root.
(13)Separate the lashes again.
(14)Finally hold up the lashes again by using the lash heater.

In case you find it difficult to do the lashes in so many steps, you may like to use false eye lashes instead?
I prefer false lashes that look like "MAC #33 Lash", as they look much more natural when you add on.Is best to curl your lashes & apply mascara first than add the fake lashes, re-apply mascara again after when the lashes are firmly glue on.

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