Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Anna Sui new base makeup collection

Was invited to the ANNA SUI'S SPRING GET TOGETHER event but due to work so wasn't able to make it, but was glad that they still send me their new launched products to try out!
These are their new base makeup collection & is targeted for oily skinned ladies with an extra sun protection factor of 38 PA++ to shield against hot and humid climates. The latest range promises to give you a smooth and radiant complexion.
Like an elegant pearl… your skin will glow with dazzling clarity.
Launch date: March 1st 2011

An ultra-thin veil that smoothes skin tone and creates beautiful radiance!
• An ultra-blendable purple shade corrects uneven skin tone while Flat Powder * camouflages enlarged pores- creating flawless skin.
• Rich, yet subtle silver pearls also even out skin tone while creating glowing skin.
• Crystalline Cellulose and Sebum Absorbing Powder are expertly combined to capture excess sebum, which is the main cause of makeup smearing.
• The thin veil on the surface of the skin protects from UV damage.
• Formulated with capsules filled with water-based ingredients that burst when in contact with skin.
• This ensures the primer spreads lightly and refreshingly over the skin.
• The C stands for ‘Clear’ while the L stands for Long lasting
There is only one shade in #200 Platinum Purple. It appears more of a lilac purple.

A light & fluffy veil that creates smooth, transparent skin!
• Sliding Powder is a spherical powder that ensures a smooth application and RFP Powder is a plate-like powder, expertly combined to create a smooth, thin veil on the surface of the skin.
• By using the minimum possible amount of oil in the formula, skin is enveloped in a light protective layer
• ‘Bright-up Powder’ along with fine red and gold pearls give skin a healthy glow
• Transparent UV powder protects skin
• Sliding Powder and RFP Powder make for a silky smooth application
• Sebum absorbing powder takes away excess sebum
Shade : #001 Translucent
• Consists of Loose Compact Powder UV and a Beauty Mirror
Creates a silky smooth, touchable finish!
Sliding Powder and RFP Powder creates a silky application and feel.
Sebum absorbing powder takes away excess sebum.

A vibrant set of two blockbusters
• Powder foundation case and Protective Foundation Primer L (longlasting)

Get rid of T-zone troubles like blackheads and dead skin build up with just one wipe.
Individually packaged sheets are saturated with Refining Base which is a refreshing water-based lotion containing sebum secretion depressants and exfoliating ingredients.The thickness of the sheet combined with the Refining Base, smoothes the surface of the skin by wiping away blackheads and dead skin build up. Skin is left feeling clean and refreshed.
Use after cleansing
Remove sheet from foil and begin wiping the T-zone area, concentrating on areas with congested pores and dead skin cells.
Use 1-2 times per week.
Avoid rubbing vigorously onto skin.

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