Friday, March 25, 2011

Bvlgari Sublime Masks Collection

Was invited to preview of Bulgari's Sublime Mask Collection yesterday. It's so wonderful that they given me a mini facial to experience these latest skincare collection.
The Cosmetic Research Department of Bulgari presents the Sublime Masks Collection, an innovative range of beauty masks boosted by an unprecedented active ingredient: Oxygen Carrier, created to provide exceptional benefits to the skin.
Initially conceived in the medical field to support the breathing process of premature children, this Oxygen Carrier has now been reinterpreted by Bulgari for cosmetic use by detoxifying the skin and encouraging cell oxygenation. The results are spectacular: complexion is fresh and even, skin regains its natural beauty.
Aimed at enhancing the skin’s radiance, each of these detoxifying masks contain BVLGARI GEM ESSENCE®, a unique essence of precious gemstones that leaves the skin radiant, revitalised and protected. The Sublime Masks Collection is enriched with targeted active ingredients created by the latest technological research for a tailor-made solution.
Thanks to its ability to preserve tissues and promote healing, oxygen is used in the medical field with outstanding achievements.
Infused with oxygen, during application these foamy masks transform into soothing, unctuous velvety creams that envelop the skin in extreme softness and pleasure.
Bulgari has incorporated this high-performance technology into its Sublime Masks Collection with daring formulas, to reveal women’s beauty day after day and meet every woman’s requirements.
The Sublime Masks Collection includes:
Masque de Lumière for ultimate radiance $160
Masque Précieux for a global anti-aging effect
Masque Source Défense for a soothing-relaxing result $180

This facial mask is Soothing-Relaxing, helps to Release of toxins,antioxidant & PROVEN EFFICACY Amount of collagen multiplied by 3( In vitro test: of Polypeptides III: measurement of collagen I synthesis.)
This mask collection will be launch in April2011 at Bvlgari skin care counter.

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