Monday, March 7, 2011

New invention nail polish strip from Sally Hansen

There's once I was watching a movie about futuristic world, which the actress who started to wear makeup by using a block that look like a goggle, immediately with one "zap" she have her makeup done! Was so fascinated about this for a long time. Now, you can do it with your nails!!!
Saw the US Elle magazine, from Sally Hansen have this new invention! You get instant salon effects nail polish strips. It wears like nail polish because it IS nail polish, not a sticker! No dry time, so you're ready to go! And it last up to 10 days, removes easily with nail polish remover and there total of 24 styles!
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Aishah said...

canu get this in S'pore??


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

I don't think they're selling in sg yet.

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