Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Have been using this SOURCE DEFENSE MASQUE from BVLGARI for the pass week & I really fall in love with it!
Antioxidant – Long-Lasting Hydration Care for a soothed relaxed skin.With time, skin is subject to attacks from free radicals, urban stress, pollution, UV radiation, etc. As a result it becomes dehydrated and tight, thus urging for immediate relief and softness. An effective source of benefits, Source Defense Masque has been formulated to eliminate toxins that suffocate the skin and provide it with comfort and smoothness. Sensations of tightness are replaced with pleasure and intense comfort.
Enriched with BVLGARI GEM ESSENCE® which provides an incomparable radiance, Source Defense Masque benefits from a double performance that soothes the skin, ensuring a feeling of well-being.
Source Defense Masque is enriched with high-performance technologies( The exclusive THIONEINE-EC COMPLEX) help skin neutralise toxins and energise the skin’s defence mechanisms. Beside, THIONEINE-EC COMPLEX is twice as powerful as IDEBENONE2 and CO ENZ Q 102.
Secondly, Source Defense Masque contains Ectoin, which protects the skin’s natural defences. Cell integrity is preserved and the skin recovers its ability to defend itself from environmental stresses and urban life.
For a skin which recovers its ability to defend itself and regain the upper hand over stress.

Source Defense Masque should be used as an intensive treatment two to three times a week for three consecutive weeks to detoxify and relax the skin and provide it with all of the comfort required. Then apply once a week to maintain continuous action.
SOURCE DEFENSE MASQUE retail price at S$180 for 50ml


Jie Jie said...

Hi Andy, thanks for sharing.. would it suit all skin types, especially combination and sensitive skin? I'm also looking for anti-aging products that can reduce fine lines and firming, do you have any good products to share? Thanks:)

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...


Yes! This is a hydrating mask for all skin type!
For reducing of fine lines best to use products with Retinol,e.g. ROC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Serum. You can take a look on this link about Skin care with retinol :

Jie Jie said...

Thanks Andy for the recommendation, will definitely check it out:D

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