Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dior Electric Tropics Summer 2011 Collection

Dior’s new Electric Tropics Collection has me thinking about Hawaii, and like the islands themselves, the 13-piece release for eyes, lips, cheeks and nails is a study in contrasts — as in sun-kissed skin behind bright neon nails and lip colors.

2 very neutral and wearable new eyeshadow palettes- Rosy Nude and Rosy Tan.

2 beautiful powders Healthy Glow - Rosy Nude, Honey Nude.
Nude Glow - Rose,Nude,Tan.

2 bright summer shades of nail polishes: Aloha and Paradise, new summer addition of Dior Addict glossesDior Addict Crystal Glosses - Fuchsia,Light Pink,Peach, Petal pink.


sHarOn said...

hello andy
this is random but i was wondering if u know of any good moisturizer for acne-prone and combination-dry skin?
i have been looking for a good moisturizer that will tame my peeling skin without breaking me out.
thanks very much in advance! :)

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

hi Sharon

You can try out "Hada Labo" hydrating lotion instead of any creamy type of moisturizer. For acne prone & combination dry skin usually are dehydrated skin type, hence hydrating lotion with hyluronic will help yet they're non oily.

sHarOn said...

thanks andy!! i will go try it out!! :) :)

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