Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Inside Liner from Diane Kleger(Japan)

Bought this "Inside Liner" during my last trip to Taipei's- "Hands Tailung"台隆. Price at NT$590 around S$25.00.
This is a very black eye liner for applying near the lash line area, it actually create an illusion that the lashes look fuller & the eyes are much bigger & brighter.
I don't quite like the applicator as it is quite thick, so instead of using the applicator I actually used my own eyeliner brushes,picking up this liquid liner & apply onto the lash line area, which I think will be much better, won't mess up the whole eye makeup!
What I really love is because this liquid liner is very black plus water/tears proof.


Jie Jie said...

wow.. this is awesome design!! Thanks Andy for sharing it, I love it, you're right the applicator looks thick. Do you think it should be use before eye shadow? I'm really bad at lining my eye:(

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Either way's fine as long as you don't mess up the eye shadow. :p

cubiclelifestyle said...

Hi Andy
I love your blog and I'm very happy to have discovered it in Singapore!
Thank you for reviewing all the latest beauty tips and cosmetics. I love it!!

The inside liner is a very good idea. I think I might try it.


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