Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fueki cleansing Cream

Saw this cute pot of cleansing product during my recent trip to Taipei! Found it at the Japanese beauty store- Hands Tailing(台隆at Mitsukoshi 新光三越near台北101). Can't really remember the price but I know is less than S$20.
They also have UV Cream,lip balm and Honey Lemon Mask but I only bought the cleanser to try out!
All Fueki items come in cute pots looking like a (dog?) face with a cap in various colors. This Cleansing Cream come in white and pink cab! The 130g jar comes with a yellow spatula to scoop out the Cleansing Cream. This is not a cream actually but a regular foaming face wash. Foams up to a super rich lather with just a few drops of water. This Cleansing Cream is better for oily skin even it does mention is for all skin type.
Overall this is super cute but it´s a bit on the harsh side, and is no good for people with dry skin!!!
You can take a look at their website -

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