Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kit Chan's latest CD - 重译!

Have just received Kit Chan's latest CD! It's been a while since her last album & I really miss her singing!!! Especially love her Cantonese songs & as what Ms Chan mention,she've never done an album of covers because she've never felt comfortable or confident enough(which I really don't agree!!!:), I strongly know that she can do it better than anyone else! )
So finally, long waited for this amazingly beautiful voices to come back again!!! I really love the whole CD! It's so relaxing & feel so original!
There's total ten songs in this CD, 3 Cantonese(追/浪子心声/明星), 3 English(Home/One of Us/Bridge Over Trouble Water) & 4 Mandarin(兄妹/你把我灌醉/心动/遗憾) songs. All my favorite!!! You shouldn't miss this great album!
Please support our local artists by buying the original CD & not to download from others, or else soon we won't be able to listen to all this beautiful great voices in future!

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