Friday, January 14, 2011

Majolica Majorca 2011 Spring Collection - Sugary Trap

The dessert-inspired Majolica Majorca collection includes:

PK330 Strawberry cake
The white sliver and red pearl is like strawberry shortcake with fresh cream and sprinkles on top! A colour gradation of pink for eyes that are fresh and tangy. Retail at $27.50.

BR631 Caramelisee
The gold ,sliver and yellow pearls is like roasted caramel. Brown colour gradation for sweet eyes filled with gloss and depth. Retail at $27.50.

Pressed Pore Cover: pressed face powder in limited edition case. Contains shine catch powder that prevents shine and greasiness,acne resistant formula! Retail price at $33.90.

Puff de Cheek
Achieve rosy delicate looking cheeks so mesmerizing that you cannot resist with Majolica's new cheek colours!
Microparticle powder that fits softly and perfectly! New cheek powder that stays bright and clear for hours and does not turn dull.Contains macadamia nut oil and soft puff included. PK301 Peach Macaron, OR302 Apricot Macaron, PK303 Strawberry Macaron and #82 Vanilla Macaron. PK303 and #82 are limited edition while the other two are permanent. Retail price at $22.90 each.

Cream Pencil Liner: BK999 Bitter Black and BR611 red-toned mocha brown. Smooth to touch. G;ides on effortlessly like a pencil but draws sharp lines like a liquid liner. A waterproof formula for a lasting finish. Contains spherical powder particles, fitting wax and flat adhesive powder. Retail price at $14.90.
Lash Expander Frame Plus: BR666 Chocolate Brown (limited edition). This new chocolate coloured liquid lengthening mascara with super lengthening liquid base and long jet black fibers. Natural looking lashes with eyeliner effect. Vitamin E and macadamia nut oil to treat and enhances lashes, a patent waterproof formula that is resistant to sebum and tears. Retail price at $25.90.


Ben said...

Hi Andy,

I have been checking out Watsons every other day just to see if the Majolica's new cheek colours are out, but no avail as yet... do u know when it will launch?


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Ben

Just contacted Shiseido Singapore & this range -Sugar Trap will be out on 3 March2011 at Watson. Thanks & take care!

Ben said...

oh Great! Thanks Andy, that was really fast response!
Btw, my name is Daphne, not Ben... haha, cos i share the same email as my hubby so its pretty weird his name pops up on the post!!
Btw, I have bot the Mac Prep + Prime Translucent Finishing Powder based on your rec, and i realised it is made of corn starch (stated in the ingredients list)! *Gulps*

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