Thursday, January 27, 2011

Most Snail Recovery Cream

A good friend of mine bought this "Most Snail Recovery Cream" from Korea for me to try out. This cream contains 88% component that snail slime which help to regenerate the skin cells. Was quite hesitated when I heard that is extract from snail, wonder does it smell? But to my surprise it doesn't and the cream is quite light in texture which blended with lavender, aromatic oils for natural healing.
After applying for few days I can feel that my skin become smoother and soft!


Wilber's Fan said...

hi andy,

ive oily+dry skin. oily on the outside and dry on the inside accordingly to skin analysis.

can u recommend which products are gd for such skin type?

when i go shop, it's usually oily or dry or combined type.

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...


Look like you're having skin dehydration, maybe you can try out Biotherm Aquasource Skin Perfection, which is for all skin type. This range comes in cleanser,toner,serum,moisturizer.

tiffany-love80 said...

hi andy, i saw this snail cream in nex shopping mall, guardian during lunch now and thought of you hehe :)

i told my friend Andy Lee introudce one lei must be pretty good so me and my friend each got one tub :)

Andy, can i ask you a question? i wonder if the model/artist you work with happened to have sensitive skin or facing some acne issue, what sort of base, concealer will you use on them? i am thinking there will be time when the face condition won't be so good especially if they put on a lot of makeup everytime so there must be a time where there is pimple, acne that need extra care in makeup base so i wonder how will you do it and yet give them a flawless finish? thanks Andy in advance! CNY , gong xi gong xi!

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Tiffany

I usually just use the normal makeup base, concealer & foundation on the clients that I'm working on if they do have some minor skin problem. If happen that they do happen to have huge acne during photo shoot, I'll used a much heavier coverage concealer & foundation plus nowsday with the digital photoshop which works wonder.
But of course it will take a little experience in doing the coverage of acne when doing makeup, which I'm not able to tell you in detail over here, is just the technique plus our years of experience of makeup skill. One thing which I can share over here is that to choose a better products to cover up! My favorites are Cle de peau BEAUTE, MAC, Bobbi Brown & Shu Uemura. Using my finger to dab on the concealer works better for me as I feel that I can handle & blend better, but some other makeup artists will prefer to use a concealer brush. It all depend on how comfortable base on each individual's liking. :P

Siew Pei said...

Hi Andy,
Do you know where your friend got this cream from in Korea? Can it be found in the Korean airport? Thanks

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