Friday, January 21, 2011

Ipsa face color palette

If you're a person who wanted to improve your makeup, this will be the best product!
The four colors take skin tones into account. This Face Color Palette helps make the face look smaller and well-defined facial features naturally. As well as with a color line-up which match the color tones of foundations to create clarified complexion which glow with translucency.
Cheek: Moderate pink - blends well with skin tone.
Hightlight: Silky white - gives brightness and luster to the skin.
Shading: Brown - as if melting into the skin.
Perfecting: Beige - creates luxury skin texture and blends well with skin tone.
Use the color in order : Cheek Color, Highlight Color, Shading Color and Perfecting Color which let the colors blends naturally and creates a finish as if done by professional makeup artist.

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Avryl said...

Hi Andy,
Can u advice on how to choose right shade for the bronzer and how to actually use the bronzer as well?

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