Monday, January 3, 2011

Kiss Me Heroine Eyelash Fixer

I've tried using different type of fake lashes glue during my photo shoot. Most of it doesn't stay that well until I received this - Kiss Me Heroine Eyelash Fixer.
Love the long lasting effect, I won't say the packaging is that fantastic as it may become a bit messy if you didn't close it well after used!! It's got this large gaping mouth to the body so the exceptionally runny formula spills out if you so much as neglect to cap it really, really tightly.The adhesive is quite watery and you have to beware as sometimes It drips off the applicator. But most of all, is not smelly unlike some other lash glue & remember a little go a long way! Just glide thru the root of the fake lashes will do, if you happen to over apply quickly use your finger to swipe away to cut down the amount of adhesive liquid.
What I really love about this is because is Super sticky and it make my work so much easier & faster!

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