Wednesday, September 22, 2010

cle de peau Beaute Limited-Edition Vintage Palette 2

cle de peau BEAUTE will release Vintage Palette 2 on 21 November in Japan in a Limited Edition special for the Holidays. The new palette will include 5 colors: Gold Pearl, Orange Pearl,Red Gold,Silver Pearl & Diamond Pearl.
But from the picture as show it really look similar with the 2009 fall limited vintage palette!!

This is cle de peau's 2009 fall limited shimmer palette!


Mary in Wonder said...

It has a bit more golden yellow in it, but yes, they are very similar!
Anyway, the new palette is sooo petty! Like the beams of the Sun^^

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

That's true Mary! I've yet to see the actual product so should not comment about it yet :P

Anonymous said...

They do look the same! (both beautiful though.) Wonder if they apply the same as well.

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