Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gemstone Aqua-base Pudding Foundation and Gemstone Compact from Cyber Colors

Developed in collaboration with renowned Japanese Celebrity Makeup artist Kazuya Haraguchi, Cyber Colors new Gemstone Aqua-base Pudding Foundation was created using the revolutionary formula of Pudding Water Gel system. This ultra creamy foundation contains more than 75% water content with a creamy, pudding-like texture to attain flawlessly soft complexion. With the introduction of Gemstone Compact, women can achieve incredibly flawless skin that glows from within.
Gemstone Aqua-base Pudding Foundation and Gemstone Compact are the latest additions to the Gemstone Collection. Harnessing the power of precious stones with cutting-edge technology, Cyber Colors creates gemstone therapy-inspired makeup that purifies skin for a brilliant glow.The 7 Precious Gemstones include: Pearl Powder, Daimond Powder, Tourmaline Powder, Ruby Powder, Coral Powder, Amethyst Powder & Jade Powder.Gemstone Aqua-base Pudding Foundation SPF 20 PA++
Cyber Colors Gemstone Aqua-base Pudding Foundation has exceptionally creamy pudding-like texture! Color: Available in Ivory, Natural & Natural Tan
Price: SGD $36.90 / 30g Gemstone Compact SPF 40 PA+++
Gemstone Compact has a silky smooth texture and is perfect for wet or dry use. It conceals all imperfections for a flawless complexion. In addition to the seven gemstone compunds, Amber Powder is also included in the formula to eradicate dead skin cells and impurities trapped in pores. Its gentle formula with plant extracts antioxidants makes this a makeup that cares for your skin.Color: Available in Porcelain & Beige
Price: SGD $32.90 / 12g
CYBER COLORS is available exclusively at all Sasa stores


J-anna said...

Hi Andy,
I've tried using this pudding foundation it's very good at controlling oil but I find it a little difficult to blend...any recommendation on how to blend it easily...btw I uses my fingers to apply.

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi J-anna

Using fingers to apply are good! As I always feel our fingers can warm the foundation & even blend better! The trick of it is to apply bit by bit at the same time blending, don't take up too much of the creamy/gel like foundation at one go. This may take a bit of practice though... :P
Anyway you can also try using foundation sponge as some people are better in blending when using sponge!

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