Friday, September 3, 2010

Fancl limited edition facial washing powder!


tammy said...

Dear Andy makeup master :P

I use Fancl cleanser too, i started out using their cleansing oil and it works to dissolve makeup very well.

Happy to see your name in this week iweekly featuring Kym Ng :) Nice vibrant look you successful made :)

By the way, can you please help me with this? Can you please share what base products, blusher/lip color would you use to create the dewy sweet and very pretty look of Angelababy and JaniceMan?

I have been googling to find out too but no hope you can help me, dear Andy.

Here is a example of their look i wish to recreate:
Janice man


I am always in awe of their makeup skill. What will you use to create the look?


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Tammy

To create a more dewy look,try not to use too much foundation,or if you can go without foundation will be better!

For the base:
(1) RMK Make up Base
A light liquid-type makeup base that is quickly absorbed, and covers the skin finely and evenly to create soft smooth skin. This foundation is applies evenly and provides a fresh, natural, long-lasting finish. For all skin types.

(2) RMK Control Color N – Silver 01
This unique shade acts as an extra layer between the base and foundation, creating lucidity and luster through the ''power of colors''; make the skin look much clearer. This added trick corrects unevenness in color and dullness while blending smoothly into your skin’s complexion.

(3) After have applied both base you can use either a liquid or creamy type of concealer(that suit your skin type) to cover areas that needed. e.g. dark eye circles/ marks..etc. Remember to blend evenly!!!

(4) Set with a translucent loose powder.

(5) Dust on CanMake Loose Cheek powder [01] Baby Pink – a light pinkish with gold pearl color or [08] Peach Squash – a coral pink with gold pearl tone.

(6) For lips use Maquillage Rouge Enamel Glamour in PK385 a pinkish high shine liquid lip color or RD252 a peachy high shine liquid lip color.

tammy said...

Dear Andy
Yes, got it , thanks! Very clear what to do next now with your guidance/tips.

Thank you so much really. :)


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